Misha Malyshev Funds Additional Projects in Haiti and Malawi with buildOn

Misha Malyshev has funded additional projects for buildOn, which will result in an additional school in Malawi and adult literacy classes in Haiti.

Malyshev has previously donated to buildOn, which helped build five schools in Malawi and Nicaragua. After the completion of the schools, buildOn teams visited Teza to present the finished projects to Malyshev and Teza staff. Malyshev said:

“It has been deeply inspiring to hear from the buildOn students who built these schools, and about the positive influence those experiences have had on their perspectives of their own educational opportunities here in the U.S.”

He added:

“We believe in buildOn’s mission and we are thrilled to sponsor additional projects in Haiti and Malawi.”

To read more about the projects and buildOn, read the press release:

Misha Malyshev, CEO of Teza Technologies, Funds Additional Projects in Haiti and Malawi with buildOn


Students from buildOn Visit and Inspire Teza Employees

Last year, Teza Technologies donated $150,000 to buildOn for the construction of five new schools in Nicaragua and Malawi. The construction of these Teza-funded schools took 6,741 volunteer work days, and resulted in 2,111 students attending classes. This year, Misha Malyshev and his wife Oksana Malysheva will personally sponsor the construction of an additional school in a rural community in need. In order to determine where this next school will be built, students who have previously participated in the construction of buildOn schools in Malawi and Haiti recently visited Teza’s offices to give a presentation on their life-changing experiences, and to encourage the allocation of the gift to one of those countries.

In two teams of three, the students provided impressive power point presentations, full of photos from the builds and statistics on the state of education and education related topics (such as adult literacy) in their respective countries. Oksana and a group of Teza employees attended, and asked questions about the projects and how the experience has changed the students’ perspectives on their lives and educational opportunities here in the United States. Afterwards, the students presented Teza with framed photos of all of the schools that Teza (and the Malyshevs personally) have sponsored.

While Oksana and the Teza meeting attendees deliberated over which country was most in need of a new school, the students had lunch with other Teza employees, who told them about their jobs and how they ended up in a STEM field. Misha joined as well, sharing his own story and reiterating to the students how important it is to value your own education as well as work to create educational opportunities for others.

The day culminated in an announcement that, while each presentation was extremely inspiring, the Malyshevs had decided to allocate their gift to Team Malawi. However, given the positive impression made by Team Haiti’s hard work and willingness to share their experiences, the Malyshevs also committed to sponsoring adult literacy classes in that country.