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Misha Malyshev: Global Youth Service Day

Global Youth Service DayIn honor of Global Youth Service Day, newly joined member of the After-School All-Stars Board of Directors, Misha Malyshev, discusses why teaching youth to give back is important in today’s society.  Misha Malyshev stated it is imperative to promote education and good values, so that future generations can utilize this combination to negotiate our trade deals, lead our companies, seek solutions to our conflicts, teach their own children, and in general benefit their community and society as a whole.

“The current competitive climate is one of unparalleled intensity, thanks to our ever-increasing interconnectedness. Today’s competition is truly global. Researchers, authors, scholars, advocates and politicians on every continent have rightly concerned themselves with the multitude of challenges that this global marketplace creates. Who will reap the rewards in a global economy? How do we ensure that we have a fair and equitable structure so that the most creative, inventive and dynamic people and ideas rise to the top? How do we guarantee that we don’t fall behind? These challenges are not new; individuals and nations have grappled with them throughout history. What are new are the global consequences of getting it wrong.
To get it right for the long term, it is imperative that we promote education and cultivate good values in future generations. These future generations will utilize that powerful combination to negotiate our trade deals, lead our companies, seek solutions to our conflicts, teach their own children, and in general benefit their community and society as a whole.”

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Misha Malyshev Joins After-School All-Stars Board of Directors

This month Misha Malyshev announced his new position with After-School All-Stars, as a member of the Board of Directors. Both Misha and Teza Technologies have been actively involved with the organization, and look forward to continuing their work with the staff and students. Recently, Misha Malyshev hosted the ASAS Program Director’s Retreat in Washington D.C. The three-day program worked to create a common understanding of best practices throughout out the program’s national network.

Founded in 1992, ASAS has continued its mission to keep children from families of poverty, safe and guide them to succeed in school and in life. The ASAS programs include academic support, development opportunities, as well as healthy activities. ASAS programs are present in 12 U.S. regions: Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area and South Florida.

Leading provider of year-round, comprehensive after-school programs, After-School All-Stars (ASAS), has partnered with the largest service event in the world, Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). ASAS has supported the work of GYSD through collaborative programming with Youth Changing the World. GYSD events were planned in more than 100 countries this year, involving more than one million youth. The types of events vary per location, but all are dedicated to a day of service for children and youth. Although the GYSD was officially scheduled for April 11-13, participating organizations host their events throughout the month of April.

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