Commentary from Misha Malyshev


Smart Business: Why recruitment should always play second fiddle to retention

It’s no secret that the success or failure of any modern company is driven by the quality of its people. This was the basis for the “War for Talent” concept developed by McKinsey and Co. in the 1990s. But the “war” has since evolved into a new endeavor, as a mission to not only obtain but also retain that coveted talent.

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Global Youth Service Day

The current competitive climate is one of unparalleled intensity, thanks to our ever-increasing interconnectedness. Today’s competition is truly global. Researchers, authors, scholars, advocates and politicians on every continent have rightly concerned themselves with the multitude of challenges that this global marketplace creates. Who will reap the rewards in a global economy? How do we ensure that we have a fair and equitable structure so that the most creative, inventive and dynamic people and ideas rise to the top? How do we guarantee that we don’t fall behind? These challenges are not new; individuals and nations have grappled with them throughout history. What are new are the global consequences of getting it wrong.

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Smart Business: Why supporting STEM education is good for business

Our nation’s scientists, engineers and innovators have driven the achievements that are positioning the U.S. as a global leader. With fewer American students pursuing expertise in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and a shortage of teachers skilled in those subjects, our leadership position is vulnerable.

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The Role of Corporate Giving in Curbing Youth Violence

You saw the headlines; everyone did. Eighty-two people were shot in Chicago over the July 4th holiday weekend. While we were celebrating our national independence, many of our fellow Chicagoans were learning first-hand that the promise of the American Dream was fading in contrast to the stark reality of daily violence. It shouldn’t be that way.

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Smart Business: Promotion of STEM fields must endure beyond classroom

While women currently make up the majority of the workforce in management and professional occupations, they are significantly underrepresented within the technology sector.

Women held a mere 27 percent of computer and information systems management jobs and comprised 26 percent of the computer and mathematical workforce as of 2012.

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Girls Do Hack Sponsor Perspective

It’s no secret that women are significantly under-represented within the technology sector. As CEO of Teza Technologies, I am painfully aware of the need to proactively encourage young women who have an interest not only in technology, but also in science, engineering and math, to pursue careers in those fields. I know that until the gender balance in these fields is improved, my company and others like it are missing out on enhancements in innovation and an exciting diversity in approaches to problem solving.

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