Misha Malyshev: Getting your business past early struggles

Misha Malyshev founded Teza Technologies in 2009 and has since opened up four offices in addition to the headquarters in Chicago. This level of growth is difficult for new businesses, which often face a variety of early struggles. His latest column for Smart Business Chicago features a few key lessons for new businesses.

I can’t overstate the power of positive thinking when building a successful business. The critical blend for an executive is to set ambitious, bar-raising standards while maintaining realistic expectations and an optimistic outlook. The New York Times recently published research detailing the benefits of this approach. When leaders exude confidence and positive energy, employees stay calm, motivated and focused, and naturally this has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Gallup research has shown that work units scoring in the top half on employee engagement nearly doubled their odds of success compared with those in the bottom half.

Read more of Misha Malyshev’s column.


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