Teza Sponsors ASM Spring Programs

After School Matters — a nonprofit organization that provides out-of-school programming opportunities for Chicago teens — has announced Teza Technologies is sponsoring two STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs for After School Matters teens this spring. Teza Technologies is an avid supporter of the organization, and Teza’s CEO and founder, Misha Malyshev, was named to After School Matters’ board of directors in 2013.

Junior Research Scientists, the first program, took place on April 23 at Columbia College Chicago’s Department of Science and Mathematics. ASM teens designed, engineered and built solar power based projects, while conducting college-level research and working with established scientists in a college setting.

“After School Matters is proud to have Teza Technologies as a strong partner in expanding our STEM offerings to teens,” said Mary Ellen Caron, chief executive officer of After School Matters. “By exposing young people to innovative fields that can lead to college and career opportunities, we’re empowering our teens with the tools they need to be successful adults.”

teza asm columbia site visit to jr research scientists site visit to jr research scientists 2


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