Rundown of Girls Do Hack 2014 Workshops

The Girls Do Hack teens took part in workshops and drop-in activities stationed throughout the Adler Planetarium museum. The workshops focused on STEM skills including observation, attention to detail, problem solving, creativity, communication, team work, and more. Workshop sessions included:

Robot Races

Participants learned how NASA engineers create se- quences for rovers like Curiosity by programming their own robot. Teens learned the basics of visual program- ming before navigating their robot.

Discovering Food Science Through Candy

In this delicious chemistry lesson, participants worked with a gastronomy engineer to create sweet chocolate confections from raw ingredients.

Mobile Phone App Laboratory

Using the MIT App Inventor, participants learned how to design, create, and test their own Android mobile device application.

Searching for Exoplanets

Participants joined the search for planets beyond our Solar System. Using real data from the Kepler Telescope, the teens looked for their own exoplanets and explored the diversity of known exoplanets using NASA’s Eyes on Exoplanets software.

Water Quality Wet Lab

Participants learned about the importance of clean water to civilization and the environment in this hands-on ‘wet-lab.’ Students collected and analyzed data from an observational experiment testing the quality of water samples.


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