Misha Malyshev Has Latest Column Published by Smart Business Chicago

Misha Malyshev has contributed a series of columns to Smart Business Chicago in 2014, with the latest being published on Thursday. In the column, Malyshev brings to light some alarming facts about women in the technology sector.  For example, as of 2012, women held only 27% of the computer and information systems management jobs and make up only 26% of the computer and mathematical workforce.

Malyshev writes of removing the “nerd stigma” that exists in young girls and even adds:

“My daughter receives just as many physics lessons as fairy tales for bedtime stories.”

Malyshev goes on to discuss looking beyond the classroom with after school activities to promote STEM as well as with mentorship in the workplace.

“Today’s technology companies must find a way to encourage all talented individuals to engage in those fields that are vital for social development and economic growth. Technology business leaders should explore these and any other means to educate, recruit, cultivate and retain a gender-balanced workforce.”

Misha Malyshev’s full column.




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