Middle School Students visit Teza Technologies as part of ASAS CampUs Chicago program

Teza Technologies recently welcomed dozens of eighth graders to its offices, as part of After-School All-Stars (ASAS) CampUs Chicago, a college-preparation summer program for at-risk students. Several ASAS staff members, including ASAS CEO Ben Paul, attended and interacted with the teens and Teza employees.

The visit to Teza Technologies’ offices kicked off with a brief presentation about the firm and the trading industry. Additionally, the teens gained a broad overview of the markets and how Teza participates in them.

Next, the teens heard from a Teza employee who shared his personal story about how he overcame obstacles to become successful, and encouraged them to have the confidence to create their own career opportunities.

Another Teza employee showed the teens the firm’s internal server room, to help illustrate how the industry has evolved from the trading floor to computers.

Finally, the tour wrapped up with a conversation with Teza’s CEO and founder Misha Malyshev. Misha discussed his background, advice for the teens, and why he’s involved with ASAS.

As the teens departed for their next CampUs adventure, they enjoyed cupcakes as a small token of appreciation from Teza. Overall, Teza was delighted with the teens’ thoughtful questions and attentiveness, and looks forward to continuing its support of ASAS.

ASAS CampUs at Teza Technologies

Students learn about Teza Technologies during CampUS tour of Teza Offices.


Some of the participating students at the CampUs Chicago program

Some of the participating students at the CampUs Chicago program.


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