Donation from Teza Technologies supports After-School All-Stars CampUs program

The After-School All-Stars (ASAS) CampUs Chicago program concluded today at the University of Chicago with a mobile app competition amongst participants. Beginning on July 25,  52 at-risk middle school students were exposed to high school and college life by attending field trips and participating in a variety of business and technology related competitions.

Speaking at the event was founder and CEO of Teza, Misha Malyshev, who was recently named to the ASAS national board of directors.  Malyshev stated:

“With the evidence pouring in that we need to engage kids in after school programming, I am thrilled that we have deepened our level of involvement with this outstanding organization.”

The program was funded by a $300,000, three-year national grant from Teza Technologies and is part of ASAS’ “We Are Ready” program, designed to combat a nationwide drop-out crisis. “We Are Ready” prepares low income, urban middle school students for their transition into, and graduation from high school by providing them with mentors and successful role models.

Program sessions have also recently been held in Ohio, California, New York and Hawaii. Read the full story here.



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