Civic Hack Day is Almost Here

The 2014 Civic Hack Day at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago is fast-approaching, taking place this Saturday, May 31 until Sunday, June 1. Presented by Misha Malyshev and Teza Technologies, the purpose of the event is twofold; allowing innovators and professionals to come together to find solutions to current issues faced by citizens of Chicago, and encouraging the pursuit of STEM careers among the city’s youth.

Civic Hack Day will take a unique approach to improving the quality of everyday life in Chicago, dividing participants into “problem owner” and “hacker” groups to find solutions to issues plaguing individuals and organizations within the Chicago area. “Hacker” groups will consist of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including designers, engineers, scientists, programmers, and tradesman, and will work alongside problem owners to create solutions to the presented problems.

“Through Hack Days we leverage the power of many minds to improve our local communities,” said Michelle B. Larson, Ph.D., Adler Planetarium president & CEO. “Civic Hack Day at the Adler is an opportunity for Chicagoans to combine creativity and technology to change our city for the better.”

A portion of the program will also be dedicated to guests ages 12 to 20 who wish to get a glimpse into STEM-related professions. The Design A Planetarium Sky Show and Project Z: How to Stay Fashionable During a Zombie Apocalypse, and the Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge, are workshops designed to embody the spirit of hacking, driving interest among Chicago youth to learn more about various STEM-related fields.

More information and registration for Civic Hack Day can be found at the Adler Planetarium website. Event participants are encouraged to use the hashtag, #hackforchange to help promote the event and civic hacking projects.


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